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It's not an exaggeration to say that practicing with Aileen changed my life. I have always enjoyed yoga, but working with Aileen, I discovered a deeper practice that has led me to greater peace and stillness. My life is still just as crazy, but yoga has taught me the ability to observe the chaos, and recognize that I can choose how to engage. That's pretty life-changing! Thanks Aileen.


Years ago, when I stepped on my mat for my first class with you, I began a journey that will continue for the rest of my life. At that time, I was facing physical, mental and spiritual challenges. Your fundamental and essential practice of ahimsa, non- harming, meant that I felt safe, included and confident in your class. Your unique ability to connect with students of every size, age and ability, and adapt the practice of Ashtanga and Yin yoga to all is an inspiration. My mind and spirit opened and strengthened with your gentle guidance through breath and body work. I began to heal. Today, yoga is an integral part of my life, because of your teaching. Each time I come to the mat, I remember these words,"Practice, and all is coming."and say a prayer of gratitude for what you have taught me.




Each day that I head down to my yoga room, I thank God that our paths crossed.  I feel like a changed person, internally and externally.  I approach my days differently, my work differently - all for the positive.  Your approach to yoga truly changed my life and I am eternally grateful.



Since I took your first class I knew I wanted to learn from you because you embody a deep knowledge and understanding of yoga that few teachers possess.  You have been extremely helpful in adapting my practice to allow for several injuries and surgeries. Continuing to practice yoga in an adapted format, while keeping in mind the physical limitations, has expedited my recovery time and helped my mental outlook.



I will forever be thankful to you for not only introducing Ashtanga to me, but for teaching me over these many years.  The practice has changed my life by making me more aware and open to the mystery of life and the universe itself as well as on a micro-level within myself. The practice, my practice, will continue through you to me as it has from yogi to student for centuries.

I can still hear the echoes of your instruction - your advice on postures, how to adapt the postures to individual physiology, lessons in yoga philosophy and history, and how to nurture a better overall yoga practice. Your classes truly transcended just the physical practice, they helped us achieve a better mind and body connection!


Five years ago I stepped on the mat in Aileen's class to have my life transformed as I knew it. I needed healing. . . for my body, for my mind, for my soul. I found it in her voice, expertise, knowledge and love of yoga. I am sad to see her move but know that many others will find hope and acceptance by practicing with her. Namaste to my teacher and friend.



The first time I showed up at Aileen's class, I thought I was never going to make it! But Aileen's patience, reassurance, and kindness made it possible for me to keep going. She made it clear that we should progress at our own pace. With time I was able to do many of the things that seemed much too difficult that first day. I never would have come back if Aileen hadn't been so encouraging, and I would have missed out on a life-changing experience. Thank you, Aileen! Namaste!




You have been an inspiration to me and I am grateful for your teachings which have influenced my practice today.  Many times, I inherently hear your voice as I flow through my asanas enjoying my love for the meditative discipline of Ashtanga. 



You have been an incredible ambassador for Ashtanga.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wisdom you have shared.



You are a a remarkable Yoga Instructor.  I truly enjoyed attending your Ashtanga classes for the past 5 years!  The mind and body connection I felt in your class is refreshing.  I truly appreciate you! Above all, thank you for teaching us how to safely practice yoga. Your knowledge about body and mind trancended in every class.


She is ready

As she is with all students

Knowing that we are all beginners

Wherever we are on this yogic path

We may not know it

So, she is ready with

Acknowledging the lineage

Following her teachers

Announcing postures in Sanskrit and English

Adjusting only as necessary

Elucidating the inner refinements

Offering inspiration

Dedicating the practice

She is ready with Knowledge Attention Openness Trust Care Love



Aileen is the best of best in her knowledge of Ashtanga and instructing her students. Her enormous patience makes practicing with Aileen easy to flow thru the poses with ease.


You are the best teacher I have ever had.


I love to hear from my students!  

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