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"Since I took your first class I knew I wanted to learn from you because you embody a deep knowledge and understanding of yoga that few teachers possess.  You have been extremely helpful in adapting my practice to allow for several injuries and surgeries. Continuing to practice yoga in an adapted format, while keeping in mind the physical limitations, has expedited my recovery time and helped my mental outlook."


Group Classes

North End Yoga

256 Hanover Street, 3rd Floor

Boston, MA


Waverley Yoga

411 Waverley Oaks Road

Waltham, MA


Private Classes


Private instruction in your home, your gym, or at North End Yoga studio is the ideal way to be introduced to yoga or enhance your current yoga practice.  


By addressing each student's strengths and needs individually, Aileen is able to lead the student in the direction which will best reach their goals.  Ultimately, each student is guided toward developing the discipline of a personal practice that they can sustain for their body, their mind, their self. 

Contact Aileen for rates and available times.  Individual, couples, or groups up to three, are all considered for private classes.

*   Insured

*   First Aid/CPR/AED Certified 

UPDATE:  Studios remain closed. Contact Aileen for private class inquiries.  


Please stay happy, healthy & free!

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