1989 inspired by ancient Indian artworks I begin the search for a teacher of yoga.


1999 a poster on a health food store door catches my attention. On my yoga mat in a small room above a garage, the discipline of Ashtanga Yoga changes my life. Consolidation of body, breath, and mind. The practice I had been searching for over ten years to find. Yoga becomes my refuge.  My body's potential increases. My mind begins opening barriers. I study and I practice more. I begin to teach.  


2014 questions push me forward. Yoga for Personal Reintegration widens my understanding. True yoga practice is not dictated. It is discovered and evolves. Age means balancing and embracing change. Yin Yoga becomes a balance. I allow stillness to move me.  My teaching widens.

Today I am a student.


I learned early in my life that all movement is a gift - the only barrier to our potential is our self. I believe that absolutely everyone can practice yoga. Discovering potential and letting gratitude and joy overwhelm. Over the years, I have considered it a privilege to witness the myriad of metamorphosis that can happen when yoga is correctly adapted to each student. My vision is that my students leaves the mat with a bit more wisdom necessary to safely discover a yoga practice for their body, their mind, and their self.


Discover your path.


May you be happy, healthy and free,


RYT500, E-RYT200, YACEP       

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