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I became enchanted with yoga over 25 years ago while studying and working amid ancient works of Indian art. Many of the artworks illustrated yoga postures sparking my desire to learn more about the ancient practice.


I began in the early 1990s experimenting with the yoga styles Iyengar and Hatha. In 1999, I met Erica McHugh and took my first Ashtanga yoga class.  Immediately drawn to the zeal of Ashtanga, I began to see my body and mind change for the better. Within a few years, my passion for the practice led me toward teaching.  I later completed the RYT200 with Erica's guidance.


I have continued my study of the Ashtanga practice at workshops with master teachers: David Williams, David Garrigues, Beryl Bender Birch, Clifford Sweatte, Jonny Kest, and David Keil.


In 2014, my path widened when I was humbled and so fortunate to be introduced to yoga for personal reintegration by A.G. & Indra Mohan.  Their influence was a game changer in terms of my knowledge and understanding of the yoga path.  Through their master teaching, I gained the priceless insight that our optimal yoga practice keeps on changing throughout our lifetime. My practice and teaching has never been the same.


Around the same time, Yin Yoga began to impact my personal physical and mental insight.  I became instantly aware of the need to learn more about Yin theory to truly balance myself and my teaching.  I attended training with Sarah Powers and Paulie Zink. I am now deeply indebted to Josh Summers for furthering my understanding of Yin Yoga.

Over the years meditation has become a larger part of my daily practice.  I have enjoyed studying the gift of learning to meditate with Pat Best, teacher of Sogyal Rinpoche's Rigpa Buddhist meditation program, and more recently diving deeper into meditation methods with Josh Summers.

My teaching style is meant to reflect these influences and present them, alone or in combination, with the spirited belief that everyone can practice yoga. I infuse my classes with yoga history, theory, and practical advice. My vision is that each student leaves the mat every day with a bit more wisdom necessary to safely discover a practice for their body, their mind, and their self.


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