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Wrinkles are our badges of honor.  A statement that we have made incredible strides along this path we call life. Inspiration that we are ready to take on more.  I created LAUGH LINES AND LOTUS to shout out - there is yoga for everybody and every body!  Yoga is about discovering your path regardless of age or limitations. The challenge is finding the proper guidance to lead the young at heart safely toward self-discovery. Nobody needs thousands of on-demand classes.  What they need is inspiration to practice with a teacher they can trust.  


With over 25 years of experience, I have been practicing a variety of traditions in movement, breath, and meditation that have evolved as I have.  The highlight for me is sharing these practices with all kinds of bodies and minds from all walks of life.  I truly believe that yoga is about helping each student develop their understanding of self and eventually practice their yoga with grace and calm. Join my journey and SUBSCRIBE to gain access to FREE practice videos designed to inspire you to discover your path. 


Need a more personal approach or a practice designed specifically for your specific needs or limitations? CONNECT with me and let's find a time to book a virtual private session via ZOOM.

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